Saturday, January 12, 2013

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Beanie: Urban Relaxation, Blazer/Collar Shirt: Thrifted, Shorts: Hand-Me-Downs, Sneaker Wedges: Debs, Socks: Stole from my mommy <3

I had the urge to dress like a little thug today with my own twist of course. A little angel always have her hood side, lol. I'm in needs of being a shopping whore because I have not single thing in my closet that I want to ever wear again. I need to find some neat individuals here in Kansas so I can have photoshoots with to build up my photography skills. I miss all my boos in California, specifically in Lancaster <3 And I finally got my Angela Wings iPhone 4s case! I paid around $3 for it on eBay. I love it so much and it definitely catches peoples eyes when I pull out my baby. Everything is made out of silicon and I admit, it's pretty big to put in your pocket, but I never put it in my pocket anyway so it's good.
Anywho, I'm currently reviewing some street wear from "parody", upcoming clothing line, Urban Relaxation. Read the review inside.

Urban Relaxation's Black and Gold Beanie is definitely a piece that I will be wearing often. It's very bold and can add edge to any type of outfit. It's a win for me also because it's been getting super windy here in Kansas so I can keep my nappy hair under control while looking edgy at the same time. This is the life of a thug. For all those reading, check out Urban Relaxation ASAP! I'm totally buying some crewnecks when I save up some more money that I can actually spend!

  Queen of the Damned, $45.00

I mean, how can you say no to this super awesome Queen of the Damned crewneck! I would wear the hell out of this! Look at the detailing around the collar with the studs. Heads up for the uprising Urban Relaxation clothing line (I'm seeing a lot of studs and leather). Thank you Mr. Justin $tash for allowing me support your movement!

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