Wednesday, September 28, 2016


   Well looky here. Yup, it's me with another blogpost. I know I have said this before but I'm finally back in the groove where I can balance school, work, and blogging (even though I'm supposed to be studying right now). How's everyone's Fall going so far? Mine, it's completely miserable. I mean, what's Fall with 100 degrees weather in California. I know California is known as the sunshine state but to be honest, I'm ready for rain and statement jackets. What's the weather like at your city? Hopefully it's waay better than here.

Rule Them All Larait Choker: Nasty Gal
Belt: Buffalo Exchange
Shorts: Thrifted

   So I'm going to be real, I took these photos like 3 months ago but never got a chance to upload them. I'm lying. I had plenty of time to upload them but I just rather be eating cereal and watching The Amazing World of Gumball all day. Anywho, I went crazy one week and bought this super cute plunging neck bodysuit from Nasty Gal ( it was on sale!). I love how simple it is and I don't have to worry about nip-slips. Of course I had to have tons of hardware accessories on so I paired the look with the Nasty Gal Rule Them All Larait Choker and Jeffrey Campbell's Temeku Boots. I guess you guys can tell what's my favorite brand of all time, huh? lol. ♡ 



  1. I love your hair, so pretty and the outfit is also gorgeous :)

  2. Cute look babe! It's been raining all night and morning so far today :(

  3. The choker and the boots are really amazing!

  4. You look so cool in this outfit. I love your choker.
    olive Needs Popeye

  5. Super look, this boots are amazing xoxo

  6. I love this almost-Naty Gal-everything look ! 'specially the chocker and the boots !

  7. Lol, I totally get you, I upload photos super late all the time; it's fun to take them but sometimes uploading them can be a draaaag. Anyways I'm in love with your shoes, legit sooo unique!



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